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touching welcome home from his beloved dog. callie goes nuts seeing her owner for the first time in over a year. next the bad. a boulder the size of a car comes crashing down ton a colorado highway. luckily no cars were hit, but it took several hours for workers to break it apart and clean up. finally the udo man almost carjacked at gunpoint but the would-be thieves ran away because they couldn't figure out how to drive his corvette stick shift. >> good thing for him. well, it is brew on this question of the day. a study claims more americans with college degrees are overqualified for their jobs. >> here's what you had to say. glenn from south dakota say it is the new norm. my wife has a masters of managers degree and her last job was entry level clerk. >> ray from texas says i don't think because you have a degree you're necessarily overqualified for a lesser job. i've seen a lot of college graduates that aren't really prepared for the
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real world. >> sherri says with the loss of skilled jobs, i'd say very much so. and at less money. i made two-thirds more in 2000. thanks to everyone who responded. and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. goodbye. >> a happy good morning to you. it's tuesday, january 29, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. the president asked for bipartisanship, and guess what? he finally got it. but now will he take it? his reaction to the senate's new plan to try and fix a broken immigration system. >>steve: meanwhile, you want welfare benefits? you better talk to your kids. a controversial plan to tie handouts, government money, to your child's grades at school. we'll tell you about that shortly. >>brian: remember these folks? it turns out the struggling occupy wall streeters were not struggling. they were rich, they were white, they were educated, and they had jobs.
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did i mention political operatives? you're going to hear all about it right here -- thanks for the commentary, steve. "fox & friends" starts just about now. disciple hello. i'm about to reenter the atmosphere. >>gretchen: we're not going to talk about the monkey again. >>brian: the iranian monkey is back home? >>gretchen: no. the monkey, as we discussed in the after-the-show show, is probably not on this planet or anywhere alive in space either. >>steve: the story is the iranians came out and said the rocket went up, came down and monkey was fine. others are saying there was no rocket. the iranians -- you've got to trust the iranians -- >>gretchen: let me break out my college education for a minute. >>steve: the iranians say they shot the monkey up yesterday, successfully tested and came down. he's okay. >>brian: when are they going to make the monkey
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available to the press? >>steve: exactly. steve kroft is ready to interview him. >>gretchen: let's get to your headlines. a surge is underway off the coast of italy for a u.s. fighter pilot. it is believed his f-16 went down in the adriatic sea. the pilot was on a training mission when he lost contact with headquarters. he sent an alarm before disappearing. the visibility was already poor because it was night. the obama raising a white flag on closing guantanamo bay with little fanfare. the state department reassigned the diplomat charged with overseeing the prison shutdown. in 2009 president obama vowed to close gitmo and transfer prisoners to the united states. former new york city mayor ed koch back in the hospital, having a hard time breathing and talking because fluid built up around his lungs. koch was released saturday after being treated for a
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week. repeated hospitalizations are common for people battling fluid problems. koch will miss tonight's premier of a documentary, unfortunately, about his life. the italian lawyer put in the slammer for steufg the steak house is off the meat hook. gradzio said chow to his debt paying a $208 tap in court. he was the guy who said he forgot his wallet at home in the hotel and couldn't pay his bill at smith and wo- llensky. sounds like he might not ge in too much trouble. he had the cash to pay, he just didn't have it there. >>brian: twa two weeks ago when mark rubio came to this couch and said i got this plan for immigration
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reform. and dick durbin said we've come together with a gang of eight with a plan for immigration reform and unveiled it yesterday. it seems there is a bipartisan push to get something done this year. >>steve: four republicans and four democrats are behind this. what's interesting is notice on the top shelf, you've got dick durbin. back in 2007 when george w. bush had his proposal to reform immigration with the guest worker program, it was dick durbin and then-senator barack obama who gutted the guest worker provision out of that immigration reform and effectively killed it off. so it's great that now durbin is on board along with a number of republicans. the big question is, though, later today we're going to hear from the president. is the president really serious about immigration reform? after all, marco rubio has been out there, but has the white house reached out to him so far? absolutely not. >>gretchen: here's the plan they're talking about, this gang of eight.
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register and pass a background check. you would be required to do that if you're illegal. pay a fine and back taxes. earn probationary legal status. learn english. continue to pay taxes. show work history and then get a green card and then apply for citizenship. effectively you would go to the back of the line. so this is a bipartisan effort. remember, some of these commissions have come together in the past, in the last four years, specifically about the debt and the president hasn't necessarily taken on the plan that they have come up with. so this will be really important to see if it actually works. >>brian: a really important provision, skills valued. we've got engineers out there, computer technology experts, people when they have skills -- for example, if they train at american universities, they would get a priority. this is what microsoft and you always heard apple saying. we need more engineers in this country. why are we training them and letting them go back home? let's give them u.s. status or a green card. marco rubio talks about a
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plan. >> before we can move towards a path for green card because citizenship comes after that, before we move towards a path for green cards there has to be an enforcement mechanism in place. it is workplace enforcement and tracking the exit and entry of visitor visas. 40% of undocumented workers in this count enter legally and overstay their visas. we don't track when people leave so we don't know who they are or where they are. all these things must happen before -- before -- there is a path to a green card. i think that is a critical component to anything we do here. >>steve: absolutely. a lot of people go it sounds like amnesty. the editorial pages of the "wall street journal" today argue it is not amnesty. if you follow all the provisions in what marco rubio is talking about, it could take somebody 15 years to become an american citizen. >>gretchen: the important point is this bipartisan group says the most important aspect of this, before you start anything,
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is to enforce the border, that that has to happen or these other things will not trigger into effect. here's going to be the interesting thing when the president flies to las vegas today to unveil his plan. keep in mind, it will not be a bill. it will just be what he believes should happen with immigration. he does not want to link legal status to border security. so that could be a huge sticking point here with whether or not he agrees with this bipartisan commission. >>brian: two conservative republicans out of texas are seemingly against it. ted cruz, powerful guy out of s-bgs, and lamar smith says i can't support it as i see it right now. the president is going to praise the bipartisan commission and then he's going do his own thing which is considered to be, the term is more liberal. >>steve: here's the thing. the president can have a more liberal agenda, but then you've got the senate version and also in the house they're working on a more conservative version. by the time it all goes
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around the table, let's see what happens. meanwhile, the president will be flying out to las vegas in air force one. did you realize it costs the federal government $182,000 per flight hour to fly that thing? so nine hours worth of flying time, it's going to cost the federal government $1.6 million for what is effectively just a photo op. >>gretchen: then you have bobby jindal, governor of louisiana, who has been very local in the past, of course a republican. after the election he said the party needs to take a closer look inside to determine specifically how to get more minorities in line. remember, 70% of the hispanic vote went to president obama back in november. now as one of the governors, he's talking about the cost of medicare. and he would like the president to get together with the governors, since he has talked about outreach, to talk about how to curtail the cost. here's part of the op-ed he wrote. a number of republican
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governors asked to meet with president obama but the white house ignored requests. the president claims he wants to work across party lines to help the american people so perhaps he could start with republican governors who want to solve the nation's health care proms. >>brian: medicaid, under obama care is going to be expanded. he says my idea is to fix medicare and target several areas. right now they say they're using a 1960's model which is one-size-fits all, which means no one can afford to pay for it. >>steve: rather than a great big new expensive program, why not fix the ones we've got? so he wants to meet with the president along with the other governors. meanwhile let's go to tennessee and tell you about a state senator by the name of stacy campfield. he doesn't have children but he has an idea.
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if you receive welfare benefits -- currently if your kids don't show up for school they cut you at 20%. but if your kids don't get good grades -- in other words don't pass -- they would cut your welfare benefits 30%. there are a lot of critics who say how can you punish a family if they don't have food on the table? >>gretchen: i think this is about parent involvement. i think that the first thing that's important to try and improve grades is to get parents involved. maybe there would be some way to encourage more parental involvement at the school level, especially with families who are receiving welfare, and maybe that would be a way of looking at this as opposed to punishing the child. >>brian: right now if no one is showing up for back to school night and your kid is stprug -- struggling, maybe you can get through with the parent. they'll say i'll get little cindy focused on grades
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because it is costing us money and eventually cost us lights. >>gretchen: or maybe they will show up at school. one of the reasons kids are not doing well in the classroom is because they're not coming to school. a lot of that has to do with parents or guardians trying to make the effort to get them there on a daily basis. >>steve: they're already cutting their welfare benefits 20% if the kids don't show up for school. another 10% or more punitive action, do you think it is a good idea to try to get more parents involved? then again there are a lot of parents who think their kids are going to school, and kids in high school sometimes are hard to handle. >>brian: remember me in canned tkpwar ten. i -- kindergarten because i couldn't recognize my name, i kept faking illness. if my parents had been cracked down, they would have found out the real reason. >>steve: what year was
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that? >>brian: kindergarten. >>gretchen: i never heard this story in seven years. it's a new one. as i said, when is the book coming out? >>brian: the unauthorized version. >>gretchen: on tpobgz -- on "fox & friends," a shocking story about these new wall street protesters. it turns out they are actually closer to the 1% than they would like to than they would like to admit. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card.
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>>steve: remember media matters, the group using taxpayer money to try to take down fox news? the leftie group is also using your money to try to push gun control. now it turns out the man behind the organization, david brock, doesn't practice what he preaches. joining us now the founder of the daily caller, tucker carlson. tell us about david brock's onetime assistant and what he was packing. >> his assistant was carrying a 9 millimeter handgun, a glock with a staggered 17-round magazine in order to protect david brock. he also purchased a shotgun. it looks like these two guns were purchased in cash probably with money from media matters. we also ascertained that brock's assistant carried this firearm in the district of columbia, both the magazine and the gun itself were illegal -- both felonies, by the way -- and probably to a meet of something called democracy alliance, a west-wing
3:18 am
coalition group in california, where it also would have been illegal, in the company of luminaries like senator die kwraeupb feinstein -- dianne feinstein, now pushing gun control, and a panoply of left-wing pro-gun control leaders were there with david brock's armed bodyguard illegally armed. >>steve: in d.c. it is almost impossible to get a concealed permit. obviously the guy didn't have it. how many felonies are we er this guy, what kind of time are we looking at? >> a felly suggests over a -- a felony suggests over a year in prison. it is illegal to have any high-capacity magazine in the district even if it doesn't have rounds in it. it is illegal to carry an unregistered firearm. it is basically impossible to get one registered in the district. we have some of the
3:19 am
strictest gun control in the country. keep in mind david brock has a history of mental illness, this at a time when a lot of attention is being paid to people with mental illness with weapons. the irony here is almost overwhelming. here is a group paid by soros and others to push gun control on the country, and here they are using an illegal unregistered firearm. >>steve: it is hypocrisy indeed. in your piece in the daily call, you also talk about how there have been a number of donors who have given money specifically to media matters to push gun control. when this comes out, it is embarrassing. what about the legal exposure to mr. brock? he's got to be in trouble too; right? >> you would think. keep in mind, for example, the gun hearings on capitol hill, in a number of them, congressmen have wanted to show weapons. like here's one of the guns we want to ban. it's almost impossible to get those guns on to capitol hill for the
3:20 am
purposes of a congressional hearing. that is how strict gun control is in the district. if you are driving through the district of columbia, which of course abuts maryland and virginia, pulled over for speeding or running a red light, driving through the city, straight to jail. this has happened quite a bit. it is something taken very seriously. of course it hasn't affected our crime rate. >>steve: an investigation? criminal investigation? police investigation into this yet? >> we couldn't get a straight answer from the d.c. police on that question. though it is our understanding that, yes, they are taking a look at this. it is beyond dispute that this happened. we have e-mails from within media matters saying, yes, this gun was their responsibility. they were in charge of this gun and they knew tpwas illegal. so -- and they knew it was illegal. so i would expect investigation. >>steve: thanks, tucker. should teachers at a christian school have to prove they go to church? or is that a violation of
3:21 am
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>> quick headlines. there was no fire alarms, no spreupb khrers at the -- sprinklers at the nightclub where people died in brazil. he resigned after an embarrassing facebook relationship. now congressman anthony weiner making a come back possibly as a new york city
3:25 am
comptroller. >>gretchen: did you know that you share an office with about 500 co-workers who you can't actually see? bacteria that can live on practically any surface on some workplaces are a -- some work spaces are a lot dirtier than others. how do you stay clean while on the clock? dr. samadi is here to show us how. by the way, your ears are are -- your area is very clean. >> especially in this flu season and we just talked about norovirus, there is a lot of cough droplets in germs. the mouse and the keyboard is the big oeft source of these -- biggest source of these germs. you use them all the time. people come in and exchange germs. phone is another source of these germs. you've got to make sure you use your purell and keep your hands totally clean all day long. >>gretchen: you do this on your phone every day,
3:26 am
you said. >> my staff does it for me every time i come to the office. they wipe all the germs. this is tremendous. you have a lot of bacteria in your hands. you carry this from phone to phone. you want to break the cycle. clean this up and use one of these hand sanitizers and wipes. >>gretchen: we're going to go into dangerous territory. this is called our green room. now we're going to go into our kitchen which sometimes may not be the cleanest place in the whole establishment. let's talk first about what we might find on a coffee pot. >> this is another place where a lot of us hang out and get our coffee in the morning. you want to make sure you follow all the instructions of the company and once a week really keep this clean. and if you don't, you're going to pass on the germs again. use some vinegar, about four cups, and make sure that it soaks once a week to get rid of all the bacteria. this is a great source of passing a lot of germs we see during the week. there's a lot of traffic going on in this kitchen.
3:27 am
people coming in to get their food, get their coffee. you want to make sure you keep it very clean. >>gretchen: here's my coffee right here. what about the mike wave? i always come here and reheat it up during the show. i'm assuming there are a lot of germs when touching the microwave. >> this gets a lot of food debris, a lot of bacteria. it's warm. so it's a great petri dish. you've got to wipe this. make sure you bleach this once a week and you really wash it from the beginning to the end. >>gretchen: you're looking at me like i should be bleaching the microwave during the week. i'm actually a good cleaner. i'm going to add it to my list of things to do at fox. what about the sponge? >> a source of mold, a source of bacteria. try to stay away from this. use paper towels if you can. that's the way to go. if you're using this, make sure you put this in the
3:28 am
microwave for two minutes to make sure you dry it up. while you're doing this, every time you get a chance, wash your hands. a lot of people don't know how to actually wash their hands. >>gretchen: would you do a song for us? >> besides happy birthday, what you want to do is you want to put this on your hands and use your fingers because this is where all the germs are, and wash your fingers and make sure in between all parts of your hands for two minutes. you can sing happy birthday if you want. >>gretchen: thank you for keeping us clean and hopefully well throughout the rest of the winter season. let's go back into the clean studio with steve and brian. >>steve: it's not that clean, and don't forget your phones. when is the first time you realized surgeons should clean their hand? "mash" they must have washed their hands for a half-hour -- >>brian: that's where their best lines came out when they were washing up
3:29 am
and how frank burgon became a surgeon, i don't know. a newspaper said they had the right to out legal gun owners. one problem, it is full of mistakes. >>steve: the occupiers were actually rich, educated. first happy birthday to heather graham. she's over 40. she didn't want me to say she didn't want me to say exactly. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand.
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>> parents listen to this. according to a new report, it now costs $351,000 to raise a child for 18 years. and double that again waiting for the next 18 years for that lazy kid to move o.u. -- out of the basement. >>steve: the new normal. speaking of new, one of the new things on the political spectrum has been about fairness in the last year or two. where does that spring up from? the occupy wall street movement. now the city university of new york has one of their, one of their schools did a
3:34 am
survey, about 750 of the people who took part in that. and as it turns out, those people were not really the 99%. a lot of them were much closer to the top 1%. >>gretchen: interesting when you break down the facts. 92 apparently were college educated. that's way higher than the average or the norm in america. 13% -- only 13% -- were unkphroeud. so -- were unemployed. you have to wonder if they were college educated, did they have jobs? apparently they weren't going to them when they were down there. maybe they were coming to wall street when they weren't actually working. >>steve: two thirds of them were employed professionally and 28% made over $50,000 a year. one other thing, according to the study, occupy wall street was not a spontaneous eruption but rather an action carefully planned by committed activists. >>brian: most of them probably went to their apartments to sleep at night and went back to the
3:35 am
park to camp. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. >>steve: how about headlines on this tuesday? janet hassan and karen mcbride published the names of legal gun owners. now the journal news admitting, oops, we made some mistakes. turns out only about 4,000 of nearly 17,000 households in one county were accurate. that's terrible. >>brian: a brand-new investigation revealing a pro-obama company is building a wind power project in the same area where a coal plant closed. they're building two major wind energy projects in the same area where plans for a coal plant were scrapped. >> duke energy, a company you remember, that lent $10 million to the democratic party for its convention in charlotte -- in other words, a company with close
3:36 am
ties to the obama administration. >> chase powers said it was forced to abandon plans for the coal plant because of e.p.a.'s tough anti-coal regulations. the plant would have created 3,900 jobs. >>gretchen: a christian school is suing two teachers who refused to give proof of their faith. the school requires all teachers to fill out a questionnaire about where they go to church and about their faith. two teachers refused to fill it out and weren't rehired. they threatened to sue, but the school is going to sue them saying the first amendment protects their right to hire teachers w share their belief. >>steve: a group of tphaoeudists are worried -- a group of nudists are worried they won't have anywhere to take it off this summeradly. a number of beaches in long island, brian, were heavily damaged by super storm sandy including a clothing optional beach. when the nudist group found out it was closed until
3:37 am
further notice, they spread the word to members, calling for action. >>brian: where do they keep their phones? >>gretchen: where are you going to go? >>steve: i have no idea. i might be stuck wearing clothes this summer. it's going to be awful. we're going to follow the nudist story. >>brian: we're going to follow the nudist story. now i'll do sports. the ravens have landed, ray lewis and the team arriving in new orleans this sunday. they're all business, not waving to fans or posing for pictures. they -- tea party is -- tim tebow is reported to be working out with british olympians and a british olympic track coach at a community college tkph arizona. tebow has kept quiet about his disappointing season with the jets who barely played. remember this record-breaking surf?
3:38 am
you will now. a world record set for riding the 78-foot beast in portugal last year. this picture taken yesterday has some wondering if he broke his own record. it is at the same beach and looks to be at least 100 feet tall. as for falling 100 feet in the process, he's okay. he thanks his twitter followers saying it was an awesome day. we'll be at the super bowl shortly, 48 hours. meanwhile, a messy and slick commute for drivers in kennebunkport, maine, after that area got hit with about three inches of snow yesterday but warmer temperatures are causing problems in the plains states. let's check on the weather with maria molina. >>maria: good morning. good to see you guys. we're talking about very mild temperatures across portions of the plains and the southeast. while it seems like good news -- temperatures in the 70's early this morning in texas. 68 right now in kansas city and 57 degrees in chicago. it is january.
3:39 am
that is extremely mild so early this morning. this is an ominous sign we have severe weather we're expecting. we have a strong cold front that is going to head eastbound and have that fuel from these warm temperatures to fire up strong storms that could produce tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail. in the storm prediction center, a branch of noaa issued a moderate risk for parts of arkansas, tennessee, mississippi and northern louisiana where we have a greater chance to see longer track tornadoes. otherwise widespread severe weather expected from texas to portions of indiana. if you live out here, stay alert. you've got to seek shelter if you get warnings. damaging winds a big concern. they could be in excess of 70 miles per hour. a tornado watch has been issued this morning, oklahoma city you are included in that. we have strong storms on the western end of this watch. it does go into effect until noon local time. the storm heads eastbound tomorrow. severe weather forecast from the southeast into the mid-atlantic. >>steve: a lot going on.
3:40 am
thank you very much, maria. >>brian: we could have come to work in shorts and tank tops today. it is beautiful outside. wednesday it will be 55 degrees. >>gretchen: and then it will get cold again. >>steve: i don't think so. i think we'll go right into spring. >>gretchen: the groundhog is on saturday. >>steve: bobo is back? >>brian: absolutely. according to the iranians. >>gretchen: next on the rundown, justice delayed for the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. >>steve: president obama violated the constitution with his recess appointments, but so far the white house is staying quiet. can he really ignore this ruling? the judge is next. all rise. he's here. ♪
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>>steve: more headlines for you on this tuesday morning. the pretrial hearing continues today for khalid sheikh mohammed, the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind. he and another defendant refused to respond to questions from the judge yesterday causing another delay. she's familiar with the legal system. now caylee anthony is considering becoming a paralegal according to her lawyer who says she is very organized, intelligent and believes in the justice system. anthony has been unemployed for over four years and just filed for bankruptcy, so she needs something to make money with. mr. kilmeade, to you and the judge. >>brian: president obama violated the constitution, that according to the u.s. court of appeals. it found his recess appointments to the
3:45 am
national labor relations board exceeded his authority. and the white house response at this point? they have ignored it. can they do that? let's ask judge anthony napolitano. judge, how can you ignore a ruling? >> this ruling changes what presidents of both parties have liberally done in the past 75 years. they present a nominee to the senate. the senate refuses to consider the person, or the president decides he doesn't have enough votes in the senate to confirm the nomination. so they wait until the senate is in recess. then when the senate is in recess, they put the person in office because there is a clause in the constitution that says when the senate is in recess the president may put a person in office that would otherwise require senate confirmation until the end of the next session of congress. president obama did that so liberally, so aggressively, particularly with some members of the national labor relations board, that some businesses offended by
3:46 am
what the energy will -- what the nlrb did that these folks right below the supreme court agreed the senate will decide when it is in recess, not the president of the united states. so if senators go home at 5:00 at night and come back at 7:00 the next morning, that's not recess. if they go home for thanksgiving, that's not recess. it's only when they shut down and stop their business like at christmastime. that's the recess. >>brian: the best example during the bush years was ambassador bolton. wasn't going to get passed, the senate goes on recess, the senate puts him forward, he goes on for two years. >> as much as we like and respect john bolton his nomination would have been invalid. the vacancy says the nomination must arise during the recess and filled during the recess. >>brian: how outrageous
3:47 am
is it, we go by the rulings to have the white house ignore the rulings? why don't we start ignoring the white house? >> that is a very serious issue. the national labor relations board does not have a valid number of people on it. therefore, everything they have done with these two people on it, everything they continue to do is invalid and the white house is doing nothing about it. >>brian: if the corporations start ignoring the white house's rules. >> very serious problem and great question when the government breaks its own laws. when the government breaks its own laws, the country becomes lawless and people think they can break the laws. when the government decides what to obey and disobey -- >>brian: in your opinion, what breaks this deadlock? >> if the supreme court affirms what the appeals court did that will end it with finality and there is nothing the white house can do about it. but in the interim, every time some official who wasn't confirmed by the senate does something and someone is offended by it,
3:48 am
they're going to have to sue that official to get what the official did invalidated by the courts. it is a long and torturous process unless the white house follows what this court told them to. >>brian: it is a huge setback for the white house unless they ignores it. how can it be a setback if no one pays attention to? >> that is a great accumulation of mixed metaphors. >> shepherd smith, you're served, pal. go ahead. >> if the president wants to ignore the laws and the congress lets him and courts don't do anything about it, he'll get away with it. this president is a champion of doing that and getting away with it. >>brian: judge napolitano also champion of the law. we get to see you on television twice a week and that's great. thanks for coming by. meanwhile, 13 minutes before the top of the hour. hypocrisy alert. >> in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?
3:49 am
>> we'll get back to you. >>brian: has the biggest point of guns used our men to fend up a reporter? is that right? want thousands more on your tax refunds? stick around. the top tax deductions that ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate.
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>>brian: "fox & friends" real estate expert bob massey is heading back to florida this month. join bob in person as he hosts a free seminar during our show to answer all your housing questions. the date is thursday, february 7. the time is 6-9 am.
3:53 am
i think that means through. it's at the royal palm yacht club. it's in fort myers, florida. the event is free but you need to register by e-mailing rebuilding your dreams at >>gretchen: he doesn't want to pay his taxes so he's not going to stick around for that segment. it is that dreaded time of year. it is on my list of things to do. are you ready to file? we want to make sure you're not missing out on any deductions or credit that you're eligible for. >>steve: personal finance exert, vera, is here. that's right. old. relax, vera. she's got the five most valuable money saving deductions that are often overlooked. let's start with the earned-income tax credit. who is that good for and what can you say? >> low to middle-income
3:54 am
earners. this was extended as part of the fiscal cliff deal. one in five taxpayers miss it. it's worth a lot depending on how much income, your marital status. the average person who claims it, it is worth an average of over $2,000 and could be worth $6,000 if you've got three more qualifying children. this is a big credit. if you want to find out if you qualify, the i.r.s. has assistance. >>gretchen: if you forget, the i.r.s. doesn't call and say let's help you out. >> job-hunting costs, i found this one interesting because even if you don't secure a job, when you're hunting, you can still write off -- there's always ifs, ands, buts or maybe. but if you looked for a job in the same line of work in 2012 and write off your return. that's one thing. even if you didn't land a job, your job search was unsuccessful, you can still
3:55 am
take that. >>steve: everybody knows charitable deductions are deductible. but out of pocket, what you're talking about is let's say you're going to make some meat loaf for a homeless shelter, you're going to take them down? >> that is exactly right. people tend to remember the big cash donations but tend to forget to take deductions for out of pocket contributions like the ingredients for meat loaf they made for their favorite charity. also miles to and from your charitable endeavors. 14 cents a mile. parking tolls, all that stuff is deductible. >>gretchen: let's talk about energy-saving home improvements. >> a lot of people think these will disappear because remember when people installed energy-efficient doors to take advantage of the break. those are gone but some of the more valuable ones are still around. solar systems, geothermal heating pumps, big-ticket items like that. the credit is 30%. that's a decent break. that too has been extended.
3:56 am
that's around for a few more years. >>steve: for awhile new storm windows, does that still qualify? >> we've lost a lot of those breaks but there's still some of the more valuable ones. if you're an energy-efficient enthusiast. >>gretchen: what about washers and dryers? you want to check out to see specifically what is deductible and with -- and what isn't. >>gretchen: american opportunity credit, what's that? >> a decent break for your undergrads, $2,500 for an eligible college student. there are income requirements, you've got to meet those. this is a break that undergrads tend to overlook even though it is a decent one. that has been extended as part of the fiscal cliff deal. >>steve: stuff people didn't know about. our old buddy vera gibbons. great report. >>gretchen: coming up, he survived the battle of mogadishu and says he has two things in common with
3:57 am
the seals killed in benghazi, libya. they were both left behind and both by a clinton. you've got to hear this story. >>steve: the leaders of bailed out banks were supposed to get big, fat bonus -- weren't supposed to get big, fat bonus checks, but they didn't and you'll never believe who gave them the okay. that's the treasury department. department. does that give you a clue? [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>steve: it's a hypocrisy alert. in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your desire security team? >> we'll get back to you. >> you'll get back to me? >>steve: the biggest point to guns uses armed guards to fend off a reporter with a question. "fox & friends," hour two for tuesday starts now.
4:02 am
>>gretchen: president obama is going to las vegas to present his own plan for immigration reform. many undocumented workers are hopeful a plan could actually happen. >> i want to hug my mother, and of course i want to give something to my kids, like they can go to school. >> they will be granted legal status but then they get behind everyone else who waited legally for green card status. >>gretchen: as you can see, it is an emotional issue for many people. the president's plan is expected to be more liberal than this bipartisan plan, like letting residences not tied to border security. it is believed an f-16 went down in the adr i atic sea. the president was on a
4:03 am
mission with three other jets when he lost contact with headquarters. he sent an alarm before disappearing. it was nighttime and also sleet in the area at the time. the obama administration raising the white flag on closing guantanamo bay with little fanfare. they reassigned the diplomat in charge of overseeing the shut down and there appears to be no plan to replace him. in 2009 president obama vowed to close gitmo and transfer prisoners to the united states but that plan never took off. the treasury department was showing them the money. a scathing new report from the inspector general finds it ignored its own rules and okayed huge raises for bailed-out c.e.o.'s. according to the report, raises for 18 firms were approved. they received $250 billion total in taxpayer bailout money. gagan says the report is inaccurate.
4:04 am
and those are your headlines this morning. >>brian: they talked for 30 minutes on "60 minutes." i'm talking about secretary of state hillary clinton who was once first lady hillary clinton. they had a lot to talk about. for the first time in four-plus years, president obama and hillary clinton gave a joint interview. it was their idea. they sat down with steve kroft. steve kroft thinks he knows why he was chosen. >>steve: steve kroft sat down with pierce morgan. he said he was absolutely flabbergasted when he discovered the white house wanted him to be the interviewer. he was asked why does obama keep sitting in the chair opposite you? he said we're fair, we do great editing and we're not going to play gotcha, we're not going to go out of our way to make him look stupid, and he knows that. >>gretchen: brit hume on special report last night put his thoughts into
4:05 am
perspective. >> you didn't hear it on "60 minutes" but president obama is unhappy with the press. in a second weekend interview with the new republic he grumbled about fox news and rush limbaugh. president obama also complained a reporter generally treats the republicans and democrats as equivalent balancing the views of one side with the other. they fail to note one side -- his -- is trying to do what's right and -- quote -- "we haven't seen that kind of attitude on the other side." never mind of course that the president at that moment was being interviewed by one of his campaign donors and supporters who is also the owner of the new repub and never mind that he basically whistled up "60 minutes" on short notice to sit down with him and his secretary of state for an interview which could have been described as just how great is the relationship between you two? i must have missed the friendly interview "60 minutes" did with president
4:06 am
bush and colin powell or condoleezza rice. you say mr. bush would never have offered one. that may be true. it is also true if he did he would have never gotten the same treatment this president has received from "60 minutes" and nearly all of the press. >>brian: he says he can relate to steve kroft in that he got called to do bush 41 and bush 43 at the same time. it's an honor to get that call but you don't know where the line is to ask a tough question and respect for the office. >>steve: 41 and 43, it was a novelty where father and son were sitting down because given the nature of it being a novelty, he didn't drill down and hammer them. it's interesting what brit was talking about, how the president doesn't like what we do here at fox news, which means he's not crazy about the first amendment, he doesn't like guns. that means he's not crazy about the second amendment. did you see that guy on cbs on sunday morning talking
4:07 am
about how the constitution is way too old and it's probably irrelevant. a lot of weird stuff floating around these days. >>gretchen: gun control is a big issue people are talking about especially after the newtown, connecticut, shooting of those children and the teachers. there is a conservative guy who has been on our show before called jason matera. he approached mayor bloomberg in new york city asking about why he will not be allowed to defend himself but others can. look what happened during this confrontation. >> in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team? >> we'll see. >> you'll get back to me? would you like a sip of my soda? mayor bloomberg, why can you defend yourself but not the majority of americans? look at the team of security you got, and you're an advocate for gun
4:08 am
control? one, two, three, four, five -- five. there are probably more. >>steve: jason mattera never puts down his soda. >>gretchen: he's making fun of the mayor, also banned big sodas here because he thought the sugar was motte good and healthy -- sugar was not good and healthy. >>steve: his security team did exactly what they're supposed to do. they did his job. jason mattera did his job. >>brian: secret service is a lot different than local police. i think secret service has to carry a gun. like the n.r.a. should not be bringing up president obama's kids because they have guns. that's just the rules. >>steve: there are a lot of people who don't like guns but they use them nonetheless. in the op-ed pages of the "new york times" today there is a fellow by the name of justin cronyn who
4:09 am
lives in texas, confessions of a liberal gun owner. >>gretchen: this gentleman says he's a new england liberal born and bred but now lives in texas, and he likes to have his guns. here's a portion of the op-ed. my wife is afraid of my guns, though she also says she's glad i have them. my 16-year-old daughter asked to take a pistol lesson. the instructor ran her through the basics demonstrating with a glock 9 millimeter how to hold it, load it, pull back the slide. you'll probably have trouble with that part, he said. a lot of women do. oh really, my daughter replied and with a cagey smile proceeded to rack her weapon with such authority you could have heard it in the parking lot. a proud papa moment, i confess it was. it's interesting because even people who are -- who you would think would not be in favor of some of these gun rights actually are, so it cuts both ways. >>steve: in that article, what does he say changed
4:10 am
his mind about guns? katrina. he was trying to get out. he was part of the evacuation. he was in the car with his family, a couple thousand dollars and nothing but a heavy book to throw at anybody. katrina changed it all for him. after that he became a gun enthusiast. >>brian: would he told you about what they're doing in tennessee to crack down on welfare. they want to get kids to go to school and excel at school. to do that, they're hitting parents in their pocketbooks. for kids that aren't doing well, that are not excelling, they're going to cut between 20% and 30% of their welfare payments out to kids. it is a republican idea. some democrats are saying how could a kid that's hungry be focused on grades? but i think this is, as you pointed out last hour, gretchen, this is a desperate cry to get these kids to focus on their
4:11 am
school and their parents to pay attention because this is an endless cycle. if these kids go out and don't have an education and still on welfare, how are they going to get off welfare? >>gretchen: exactly. maybe they should redirect it to the parents being involved in the school system a little bit more and maybe they should show up for some of the meetings or that could be a requirement. >>brian: they said it would force parents to take a more active role in the children's education. >>gretchen: i think it is punishing the children first for not getting good grades. i think the most important thing is to get the parents involved first and make sure if you can that your kids go to school. that is the first problem. a lot of kids don't go to school and then how could they possibly get good grades? >>steve: this tennessee republican senator says -- quote -- "nothing motivates people like money. we have done very little to hold parents accountable for their children's performance. it is unacceptable to have this generational cycle of poverty continue." he goes on and he admits he does not have children but he says, you know what? school is like a
4:12 am
three-legged stool. you've got to have the schools, teachers and parents have got to work together. >>brian: glenn said as a 15-year-old teacher, i can tell you until some parents are -- quote -- "inconvenienced due to an issue with their child, they don't bother with whatever the problem is." i guess in support. that's one in support. keep on tweeting us with your views. >>steve: also the senator says we're not asking kids to rewrite the magna carta, a d-minus gets you through. the whole idea is to show up, do your best and your family keeps getting the welfare money. >>brian: 11 minutes after the hour. he survived the battle of mogadishu and says he has two things in common with the seals killed in benghazi. they were both left behind and both by a clinton. you've got to hear his story. >>gretchen: have you noticed your paycheck has shrunk? yes. we can thank the man inside the white house for that? huh? up next, we're going to help you put money back in help you put money back in your pocket. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
4:13 am
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>> secretary clinton really is responsible for not acting on benghazi. there's definitely a parallel here. it looks like she took a page from her husband's play book, which is not to give what's asked for. in mogadishu i can speak firsthand. we asked for armor, wasn't given the armor. i lost friends in that battle. the seals in benghazi, i think it is well documented now that there was a desperate cry for help going out. it wasn't heeded before and during the attack. i don't know if you can say secretary clinton is responsible for not acting. having worked with regional security officers, i know there is a flash message that can go out that will
4:18 am
get you help right now. there were troops in theater that could have helped with that. the clintons for some reason, like this president, aren't taken to task for that. i watched appalgly on 60 minutes the other day and found we live in a dangerous and complicated world, but what the clintons or obamas never understand is my complicated world is different from theirs. i lost friends in combat. i was wounded in combat. i've got a son in combatant missing his baby girl growing up. the clintons, the obamas will never ever have that. they will never have anybody close to them in harm's way. they're going to have protection all the time. so that dangerous, complicated world they were chucke -ling about the other night doesn't ply to them. why the american people, why cnn, why the mainstream media is not asking the tough questions is surprising me.
4:19 am
here's something you won't hear in the main media. here's how you defeat terrorism. take a hard stance on it. if you're not killed, you will be brought here, not given a lawyer, somebody like me, we'll water board you. i'm going to get the information and defeat you at your grass roots so you can't recruit because it is a lot less appealing to the people being recruited if they know they got somebody like me that's waiting for them when they get to america. otherwise, they're going to be recruited because you've got a president saying we need to retake our moral high ground. here's what i say: two to the body, one to the head. and then if you do survive, we're going to torture you -- i'm sorry -- and have to interrogate you until we get our answers. that's how you defeat terrorism. >>steve: well, put howard. let me ask you about this. in recent history, the only times an administration has left guys exposed, left guys behind were mogadishu and also in benghazi.
4:20 am
so if you're a member of the military and you're stuck somewhere and you're waiting for help, what's the message? >> you know what the sad thing about that is? there's no doubt in my military mind that those seals on the ground in benghazi were expecting help to be coming. from day one of training, you're taught, you're trained in your brain that your country is going to support you. your country is going to do everything possible to help you if you're in a tight situation. so the fact that we didn't get what we needed in mogadishu and somalia was a lesson learned that wasn't incorporated into benghazi. that's how a lot of times you get better in your tactics and techniques. you have a screw-up. you admit it was messed up and then you go onant don't make the sake -- go on and don't make the same mistake. unfortunately our country has a short memory. if we appear soft we make ourselves a target.
4:21 am
>>steve: memoirs of an navy seal sniper. thank you for your story. >> you bet. god bless america. >>steve: god bless america. thank you, sir. great. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. straight ahead on the rundown, she's one of the most famous coaches in basketball history. now pat summit's son is following in her footsteps. she's going to join us live. then the president promised to help the middle class, but now the middle class is making less. we're going to try to put money back in your wallet. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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>> steve: time for your news by the numbers.
4:25 am
17. how much breezy point families are suing the power authority for leaving the power on during super storm sandy's surge. they say that led to the destructive fire that wiped out the whole neighborhood. next, $1.2 million. that's how much anna winters' boyfriend owes the government in tax. she hopes to be the next ambassador to britain. i bet he has to pay his taxes first. and finally, $58 billion, that's how much unclaimed money state and federal agencies have that could be yours. it comes from abandoned bank accounts, forgotten pension benefits, among other things. come and get it. >> gretchen: like mother, like son, last year college basketball coach pat summit stepped down at the university of tennessee due to the early onset of dementia. today her son, tyler, is blazing her own trail as an assistant women's basketball coach at marquette university.
4:26 am
>> brian: he joins us now, sharing his knowledge and the lessons learned from his mom and everything else as he tries his new career. this morning we're joined by coach tyler summit. now tyler, first off, the decision to do something that your mom is doing, your mom is up with of the great coaches of the sport. that's a heck of a bar that you have to live up to, don't you think? >> good morning, brian, gretchen, thanks for having me. you know, it is. but that's just how i was raised, with a championship mentality. so i'm very grateful to be able to follow in her foot steps. >> gretchen: if she were to give you any advice, which i'm sure she has what, has she told but your new position at marquette? >> well, i would say the main lesson i learned from my mom was to always do things the right way and as a coach, you can get power hungry and want to get the wins. but she always did things the right way, treated people the right way, and that's the main lesson that i learned from her.
4:27 am
>> brian: learned it on the farm. i talked to her because she is one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport. and she pioneer and trail blazed and made women's basketball big time. would she even speak to you if you went to u-conn? >> i don't think so. i don't think we would talk after that. so no. it's been great coming to marquette and i really feel like god had a plan with bringing me here and coach mitchell has been incredible. my mom is very happy that i'm here. >> gretchen: you're in charge of recruiting the guards, i understand, amongst other responsibilities. i think we have some pictures or maybe video from last night when your mom was honored in tennessee. how is she doing? she's so young, 59, and had early onset dementia. how is she doing? >> she's doing outstanding. she came up and saw three games here at marquette and she just has her faith in god and has such a great support around her. my fiance is there. her friends are there and the
4:28 am
tennessee ball family is there nonresponsive we know she stepped aside before being diagnosed. she was still digging in there. you also have a foundation where people can contribute and support. what is it? >> yes. we create creteed the pat summit foundation and everybody can go to and give or learn more about the foundation and we're just grateful that god has given my mom this platform and to try to turn a negative into a positive with this disease that factises many americans. >> gretchen: tyler summit, is it true you just got engaged, too? >> i did. the love of my life and we're very excited. so getting married in june. very excited. >> gretchen: fantastic. congratulations on your new job and your future marriage and all the best to you, tyler. >> thanks, brian and gretchen. have a great day. >> brian: you, too.
4:29 am
22 and an assistant coach. next, did you see this? snowmobile flips on top of the rider. this morning there is an update on that driver's condition. >> gretchen: then the president says immigration reform will help our economy, but didn't he say the same thing about obamacare? how is that working out? stuart varney is making his way in with the answers. good morning to you. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me.
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with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) make mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees
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with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love. >> it's hard to believe that this has started already, but political pundits are saying it will be joe biden versus hillary clinton for the democratic nomination in 2016. you know something, did you see "60 minutes" last night? the jockeying for positions has already started. well here, take a look. >> bob gates, first thing he said to me, i think maybe first week or two and he obviously had been through seven presidents or something, says, mr. president, one thing i can guarantee you is that at this moment, somewhere, somehow, somebody in the federal government is screwing up. [ laughter ]
4:34 am
[ laughter ] >> steve: jay leno is forgetting that governor cuomo in new york might try and make a run for it, too, on the democratic side. there is probably a few others. clinton against cuomo again. mario against bill. >> steve: that's right. and the choice for the president, if he had to pick between jaden and hillary, who would he pick? the loyal vice president who he picked over hillary clinton? >> brian: who he's really good friends with. >> steve: or hillary clinton who you look at the polls in the democratic party and she's ahead by a mile. >> brian: 130% she's ahead. >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: that's malarky. >> gretchen: let's see how that plays out. here are some of your headlines. yemeni seized a sail goat suspected of smuggling arms. it was intercepted, yemeni coast guard officers found a huge cache of weapons, including surface to air missiles, rocket propelled grenades and c-4 military grade explosives. a yemen official says this is
4:35 am
the third incident in just two months. >> steve: a brand-new investigation revealing a probe on the company is building a windpower plant in the same place where a coal plant closed. duke energy building two major wind power projects down in texas. the daily caller says that is a little too close for comfort. >> duke energy, a company you'll remember that lent $10 million to the democratic party for its convention this summer in charlotte and whose ceo has expressed interest in becoming the obama administration's energy secretary. in other words, a company with close ties to the obama administration. >> steve: that's got to be a coincidence. chase power says it was forced to abandon plans fort coal plant because of the epa's tough coal regulations. the plan would have created 3900 jobs. >> brian: did you see this? snowmobile flips, the top of the rider -- ouch. even though the rider walked away from the crash initially, he was later rushed to the
4:36 am
hospital in critical condition at this hour. did he not make it all the way around on a flip. the crash damaging his heart, damaging his brain. >> gretchen: here is one for the dumb criminal file. orlando man almost carjacked at gun point. the would be robbers ran away because they couldn't figure out how to drive the corvette stick shift. this would be me. >> my first thought was i guess we don't have driver's ed in school anymore because no one knows how it drive a stick. and my second thing was, well, don't shoot me because you can't start the car. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: even though they left his car, they got away with his cell phone and wallet. i tried to learn how it drive a stick shift i. tried with my then boyfriend in high school in a parking lot. he was an excellent teacher and i was a horrible student. i just could never -- thank god for -- >> steve: like an h. >> brian: in back we have them
4:37 am
on the phone right now. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: let's find out what went wrong. >> gretchen: as i said, he was a great teacher and tried to teach me to parallel park. >> steve: you guys did a lot of stuff in that car. >> gretchen: i dated him for a long time! >> brian: did he bring you to inspiration point at all? >> gretchen: that's personal question. >> brian: okay. >> steve: 24 minutes -- >> gretchen: stuart varney passed out over here. >> steve: get your motor running. >> brian: he'd like to teach you how it drive a stick. >> steve: he's coming up in just a minute. snow expected to continue in boulder, colorado, this morning as temperatures plummet. drivers being warned to slow down and watch out for ice. now fort rest of your forecast, maria molina is in the weather center with a look at some crazy weather today. >> yeah, that's right. crazy weather across the country today. especially in the form of severe weather expected for a large section of the country, from texas into parts of arkansas, illinois, western portions of
4:38 am
kentucky and into indiana. widespread. the reason why we're look at this severe weather is because we have very mild temperatures, very warm temperatures that will help fuel the severe storms. in the 70s now across texas. 67 in kansas city. look at chicago. it's still january and you have a current temperature this morning at 59-degrees already out there. we do have a strong cold front that will head eastbound and, unfortunately, we could be seeing some severe weather in the form of tornadoes. there is basically a moderate risk out for parts of arkansas, western portions of mississippi and also western parts of ten continue where we're expect to go see the greatest risk for severe weather today. not just tornadoes, but damaging wind gusts and also some large hail from some of the storms. there is already a tornado watch in effect across parts of oklahoma in effect until noon, oklahoma city, you're in that zone. guys. >> gretchen: thank you. remember those occupy wall street protesters? >> steve: you're thinking about that car. >> gretchen: i still am.
4:39 am
anyway, the "new york post" decided to break down the numbers to show you exactly who these people were. you might be surprised at what they found out. >> brian: they're 92% were educated. 13% were unemployed. that's it! 28% earned over $50,000. what the heck were they sincerely protesting then? >> steve: more than two-thirds of them were actually employed professionals. these according to the city university of new york institute for worker education and labor studies. they're the ones that actually did it. joining us right now for his take on this, we thought they were the 99%. they're closer to the 1%. >> yes. that's a very interesting survey, yes. the 1%ers revolting against themselves. >> steve: crazy. >> that's the way it goes. >> steve: what are you talking about today? >> stick shift. you put the clutch in -- [ laughter ] and you let the clutch out slowly. lohstrohly. >> gretchen: okay, i tried! it didn't work! but i'm available after studio b, 4 p.m are you? >> yes, ma'am.
4:40 am
>> gretchen: good. the president is going to push his plan for immigration reform later today and the white house says it's gonna help our economy. watch this. >> the president believes that action on immigration reform is done right, helpful to our economy, increases fairness to our middle class, insures everybody is playing by the same rules, makes a level playing field for our businesses because it holds them responsible in terms of how they deal with these issues. these are all would be healthy for our economy and job creation. >> gretchen: so the president said the same thing about obamacare, stu and many people say how did that turn out as far as job creation? >> there is something missing from the immigration reform debate and that is the cost, the money. i follow the money. i think the money should be part of the immigration reform debate. at the moment it is not. there is two areas here. number one, if we make 11 million people full citizens, then that costs our health care
4:41 am
system a great deal of money. eventually there is significant cost. they will get medicare. they're not paid much into it. they get it. some of them, low income people will get medicaid and many people, many of these 11 million will go on to these government subsidized health insurance exchanges set up under obamacare. so point number one, this is going to cost us. that should be part of the debate. >> brian: carney is saying they become taxpayers for the first time instead of bilking our system. >> jay carney is making the point, the president's point that immigration reform is good overall for america's middle class, good overall for the economy. making the same claims that were made about obamacare. obamacare really did not work out as a plus for the economy. will this work out as a plus for the economy if and when immigration reform goes through? there is one area where it will be a plus for the economy and that is that the proposal for more high-tech immigrant visas.
4:42 am
that's what many businesses need. that's what they want weather get under this immigration reform proposal. that is a plus. >> steve: in fact, in the "wall street journal" today on the op ed page, they are argue in favor of immigration reform provided there is, in addition to a guest worker program, some sort of way so that we can have a better inflow and outflow of workers as the economy needs it. >> whether this helps america's middle class, that's a debatable story because if you've got a lot of newly minted immigrants, fully legal who are relatively unskilled, that will crowd out the unskilled american born people who already do not have a job. >> gretchen: another question about cost. right now a lot of illegal immigrant goes to the emergency room. they do get health care. how will this affect that? >> there will be a saving in that area. a health cost saving. you're right, gretchen. currently many go to the emergency room. they cannot be refused treatment. it's very action opinionsive.
4:43 am
if they are fully legitimate citizens of the united states of america, they can go to a regular doctor. they can go through the obamacare system. not the expensive. >> brian: oracle, microsoft, chamber of commerce all for some type of reform. >> they want the high-tech visa. >> brian: we watch you. >> we're talk stick shift. >> brian: all about the clutch. >> steve: straight ahead, are you one of the millions of americans looking for a job today? well, today could be your day because cheryl casone has got five companies hiring right now. get out a pencil and a piece of paper. >> gretchen: linda gray here. did you know the dallas star is running for governor you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole.
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4:47 am
>> steve: quick headlines now. if you claim the education credit on your taxes, expect a delay getting your refund. the irs says it can't process those returns until mid february because of a darn computer glitch. mean while, drivers watch out, a bolder the size of a car crashed on a colorado highway. yesterday it took hours for workers to break it apart and clean it up. luckily no cars were in the road when the bolder parked there. >> gretchen: it's a bittersweet return for the cast and crew of the show "dallas." the season comes back on air featuring the late larry hagman as j.r. ewing. >> j.r., i don't know what you did and i don't want to know, but i am very grateful. >> darling, if i can still throw any weight around this town, i'd throw all the crap i pulled and you'll bounce back just fine. >> that's all you give me.
4:48 am
>> there's the gal i know. >> brian: joining us now, j.r.'s long-time tv love, linda gray. welcome back to the couch. >> good morning. nice to be on the couch. >> steve: good to have you. >> brian: what were you thinking watching that? >> oh, boy. it's hard. it's challenging. it was one of the sweetest, sweetest moments, that scene, because we thought, larry and i said, oh, they're going to cut this out because it doesn't advance the plot, it doesn't do anything. we told the director and they all -- the crew and the director, they just shook their head and said no, that's always going to be in the show. because it was sweet. when was larry hagman as j.r. and sue ellen, that was a sweet moment. those are very rare sweet moments. usually he was doing something bad and she was drinking. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's the show. >> so this was a really, and especially since he's passed, it's hard for me to look at that
4:49 am
scene. >> steve: but j.r., larry himself would say the show's got to go on, even though he's in the dna of dallas. >> oh, yeah. it will always go on. we were with him, patrick and i spent two days before he passed, we were with him, just the three of us in a hospital room. and spent two hours reminiscing, laughing, giggling. we thought he was going to just come right back like he's always done. it's bittersweet. >> gretchen: in the show now, you will see larry hagman for the first couple of episodes for season 2. and then they're going to write off some sort of plot? >> we just finished filming when the actual burial. we did an actual burial, grave site, et cetera. and it's so beautifully and respectfully done. it's what he should have and he
4:50 am
deserves. he will always continue because j.r. ewing, you know, maybe something he did 20 years ago will reverb rate and cause major chaos yet again. >> gretchen: he helped you in your bid to be governor. we as toed before that you're running for governor in the state of texas. not in real life, but on the show. >> i could be, wait a minute. >> steve: y'all live there, why not. >> gretchen: do you have political aspirations? >> no, not at all. but it was fun to do the campaigning and cheer people on. i'm texas. it was great. so we'll see what happens. >> steve: the new version of "dallas" is terrific. >> thank you very much. thank you for watchingment we love it. love the kids, love that they've incorporated the mature ones with the younger ones. >> steve: all part of dallas. >> you bet. >> gretchen: we're so glad you're still part of the show and by the way, you look amazing. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: we like the mature look. >> it's here to stay.
4:51 am
>> gretchen: thanks so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> steve: you'll always be sue ellen. >> thank you very much. >> brian: you looking for a job in cheryl casone is here with the top five companies hiring right now. there are thousands of openings. but first,. >> gretchen: on this day in history 1994, "all for will have" by bryan adams. rod stewart and sting, all came together for the number one song "all for love" look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:54 am
>> brian: brand-new survey finds
4:55 am
34% of firms expect to add to their payrolls over the next six months. this is the highest percentage since last april. if you can not wait until april, no problem. here are five companies hiring right now. cheryl casone is here from the "fox business" network to start your day on the right foot. >> of course! >> brian: you begin low. >> lowe's is going to be hiring thousands of employees. these are seasonal jobs. 45,000 seasonal workers, 9,000 permanent, part-time jobs are available. february to september. starts to warm up in parts of the country. people start to work on their granden, time to paint the roof. also climate controlled hiring. what does this mean? it means the cities that get warmer, they hire there first, then new york hires later in the year. military friendsly. >> brian: good. meta fast. >> obviously, weight loss is big right now. they're hiring. they've got 70 openings, maryland, florida, virginia, texas. the recruiters monitor the
4:56 am
social media pages, the facebook, twitter. don't say anything strange and random about it. corporate dietitians, they need tax accountants, web designers. they're having a new distribution center built in maryland in the next couple of months. a lot of jobs are there. they have a new ad campaign, where they have the former overweight person talking to the new skinny person. same person. they go on the anti-celebrity route. >> brian: solarius. >> 680 jobs. customer service, franchise. wireless. >> brian: now let's move on to schlotzsky's. >> by the way, i grew up in dallas, when dallas was being -- >> brian: you were talking to linda gray and tweeting out a picture of you. >> you got to do it when you're a dallas kid. they're based in dallas.
4:57 am
and they have been expanding and hiring and franchise. they're going around the world. i had my first shah lotsy sandwich there. they're hiring all over. >> brian: everyone remembers their first schlotzsky sandwich. another company is look. they have a military support. they're one of the main companies looking for veterans. once they hire you, there is a support system within the bank to help you build your kills and network and connect with other former -- other veterans. >> brian: check out cheryl, she's on the "fox business" network. find out where the jobs are, log on to >> that's where the web sites are. >> brian: we got the little dallas thing going o. you bonded with linda. now you're a tornado.
4:58 am
good job. four minutes before the top of the hour. we change gears. steve croft defending his softball interview with the president and hillary clinton. you're not going to believe his explanation. i found it surprising. laura ingraham will weigh in at the top of the hour. that's what she looks like in a picture [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. i
4:59 am
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or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, january 29, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. sanction for sharing part of it with us. the president, remember he asked for bipartisanship on immigration and guess what? he got it. but now will he take it? he's about to roll out his own plan in las vegas and we'll be live at the white house for an update. >> steve: then, you saw the interview that made zero news. now steve croft admitting why the president likes "60 minutes." laura ingraham all over this one in about two minutes. >> brian: reportedly.
5:02 am
he's about to become the world's most famous man. ♪ i want to do it ♪ wash your clothes ♪ i want to do it ♪ . >> brian: wow. the new diet coke guy revealed. >> steve: finally. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: i passed out. >> brian: gretchen just lost it. >> gretchen: yesterday hot and handy models. today the diet coke ad. >> brian: obviously they're kissing up to steve. >> steve: i think so. >> gretchen: okay. let's leave it here. >> steve: yale, we'll get to the bottom of that shortly. he's doing his own laundry. he's resourceful. >> brian: was he working all day? do you know the premise? >> steve: no idea. zero calories. >> gretchen: the best thing about that shot is, you don't
5:03 am
need toothpaste. nope. come on, guys. you're human, too. if it were the sports illustrated swim suit edition, you guys would be -- >> steve: speak of race, space race, yesterday we told you about the iranian space monkey that went up there. >> brian: have you had a break? >> steve: gretch, i know you were skeptical about whether or not it's real. it slight is real because it now has twitter account. >> gretchen: oh, please. >> steve: at bobo space monkey. he's been tweeting. but no direct tv on capsule, and try and watch "fox & friends," me like kilmeade. >> brian: look at that. that's the picture i drew of bobo. can we hear him as he reenters the atmosphere? >> hello. come in tehran. this is bobo. i am about to reenter the atmosphere. now, how die land this thing
5:04 am
again? >> steve: in addition to space monkey, apparently has perfected the art of speaking english. >> brian: that's fantastic. i appreciate it. >> gretchen: it's a slight accent. >> brian: space monkey to farsi interpreter. >> gretchen: it would be hysterical if it wasn't for the fact that they're two seconds away from nuclear weapons. >> brian: what about the head brace. >> gretchen: let's go back to the monkey. >> steve: ouch. if you want to follow at bobo space monkey, they're on twitter. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: laura ingraham in two minutes. >> gretchen: that was our fox news alert. now we'll have headlines. a search underway right now off the coast of italy for a u.s. fighter pilot. it's believed his f-16 went down in the adriatic sea. he was on a training mission with three other jets. he sent an alarm signal before he disappeared. the visibility poor because it
5:05 am
was night time and there was sleet in the area. a few hours from now, a pretrial hearing continues for khalid sheikh mohammed. the self-proclaimed 9-11 mostermind and co-conspirators. he and another defendant refused to respond to questions electric the judge yesterday, causing yet another delay. relatives of some of those killed in the attacks catching a glimpse of them. the trial is not expected to start for at least another year. they published the names of legal gun owners. now the two admitting oopsy daisy. they made some mistakes. turns out only about 4,000 of the nearly 17,000 households in one county were accurate. the paper says the error was due to outdated information. it's time to give taxpayer money back to taxpayers. in a few hours, texas republican governor rick perry will make that call in his state of the
5:06 am
state address. he is expected to urge lawmakers to amend the state constitution so taxpayers would get back whatever money the government collects and doesn't spend. does that actually happen? texas' economy has been booming since perry pushed for across the board budget cuts two years ago. and those are your headlines. >> brian: a live look at the white house now. in less than two hours, it's wheels up for air force one. president obama leaving for las vegas. i believe there is a song like that. where he's expected to unveil his own more liberal push for immigration reform. >> steve: molly henneberg is already up. hi. >> good morning. yes, this will begin the president's public push for immigration changes and he'll go to nevada, a state where latinos make up more than a quarter of the state's population, and they voted more than two to one for the president last fall. it's also a state where illegal immigrants make up 7.2% of that state's population. the white house says the president will make the case to
5:07 am
the public of the time is now to get these changes clue thou congress. the white house says the president will insist that any reform must end in a pathway to citizenship for illegals. but the spokesperson would not detail how that path to citizenship might or might not be linked to border security. >> the president believes that we need to move forward in a comprehensive way that includes a path to citizenship, that includes making sure that our businesses behave responsibly, that includes making sure that border security continues to be enhanced. >> bipartisan group in the senate laid out an immigration framework yesterday that the white house says looks very good to the president. and does include a path to citizenship, as well as increased border security. the top republican in the senate, though, is waiting for more details, both from that group and from the president. senator mitch mcconnell said in a statement, when the president addresses this issue tuesday, i hope he will take a bipartisan approach rather than
5:08 am
delivering another divisive partisan speech. this effort is too important to be written in a back room and sent to the floor with a take it or leave it approach. it needs to be done on a bipartisan basis and include ideas from both sides of the aisle. there is already opposition to this plan, or the framework to the plan in the republican controlled house. texas congressman lamar smith says legalizing illegals, quote, costs taxpayers millions of dollars, costs american workers thousands of jobs, and encourages more illegal immigration. back to you in new york. >> steve: all right. molly, we thank you very much. across town from where she is sitting, we find laura ingraham. good morning to you. >> good to see you. >> steve: so what do you think? does the president really want immigration reform? >> well, yeah. i mean, he kind of has all of his heavy lifting already done for him, right? he wins election, he campaigns in part on this. and then the republicans rush
5:09 am
in, the same people who pretty much always been for this path to citizenship, graham and mccain, they've been consistent on this, so the president can go to nevada and if he wants, kind of one up the bipartisan coalition and say, this is a good start, but i really want this process streamlined even more. and i think that answer from jay carney yesterday was pretty telling when he said, well, we want continued border security. continued enhancements of border security. what does that mean exactly? why do you have do it all at one step? i would say the reason for that, guys, is that then you can't really verify that the borders ever really been enforced. calima cynic, but i do not believe that borrowed enforcement is a really -- border enforcement is a serious part of this deal. i have think it's a throw in to make people feel better, but it's not going to amount to much. >> steve: jay carney said border security has never been better than under the obama administration, that they've had stricter controls than ever before. i think deportation numbers are
5:10 am
actually way up. but also what i find interesting is that -- >> we have deportation and the dream act that was instituted by executive fiat. so you have basically a blanket amnesty of everybody under the age of, what was it, 28, 30? so yeah. that's true. they do have more deportations and they can point to those. but then again we have millions of people, 1.2 million people who essentially have been given a right to stay here as long as they want. >> gretchen: don't you find it interesting that senator marco rubio is also part of this group? not only for his own presidential prospects, but because he is an american latino who does want to have some sort of immigration reform? i think partially personally because he believes in it, but also for his party? >> yeah, i think -- i don't deny that these people are for this, believe in it. i think they actually think it's the right thing to do for political reasons and i think they think it's just the right thing to do, period. my question, which never really gets an answer, is how does this
5:11 am
actually help the middle class of the united states? how does this enhance -- >> brian: i have no idea. >> to me, when you look at what is being done with social services in the country, what's happened to california that has more illegal immigrants today than any other state, what has that done to the infrastructure, education, obamacare, all those stresses on an already overstressed system? i haven't heard how that actually makes life in america better for working people, legal immigrants, people still waiting for visas. >> brian: they'll be paying taxes then. >> yeah, well. as mr. there camerota has discussed in his study, the problem with that analysis is that there is a strong percentage of illegal immigrants who are low income earners. so they will be paying some taxes, but at the lower end of the economic spectrum, the cost of this -- again, tax paying
5:12 am
american, middle class americans, will probably outweigh the benefits in terms of taxes collected, at least in the next ten years. >> steve: let's put your law degree and vast experience in the court system to use. the courts dealt the white house a terrible blow where they said hey, you made those appointments during the recess appointments for the national labor relations board. they have to take place during a recess, mr. president. do you think he's going to or just ignore it?urt is saying >> well, look, a couple of professors have spoken out on this, law professors. they say, well, the president might be able to use the staff that works currently for the nlrb and for the consumer protection board and use those staff members to then pummel these businesses that are being subject to scrutiny for not paying attention to the union. pummel them with questions and basically intimidate them. can that happen?
5:13 am
yes. will it have the force of law? no. but i'd rather talk about the diet coke guy. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: they, too until before we get to him, we'll close with him. >> brian: steve has an update on bobo. >> talk about the important issues. >> brian: let's talk about hillary clinton sitting down with the president. steve croft speaking yesterday, says they sat down 'cause they know i'm not going to give you any gotcha questions. >> heaven forbid with all the questions still on the table with benghazi and how ha was handled, that steve croft actually did an interview that made mike wallace proud. i watched that and i thought to myself, first of all, we need o'reilley's body language expert in because i just thought that was -- it was a bizarre interview! i think they both looked uncomfortable. hillary, she kind of seemed sleepy.
5:14 am
i think it was weird. i don't think it helped hillary at all and i think everybody saw right through it and steve croft comes over and says, well, what do you expect? we're not going to really ask them tough questions. okay. then why show up at all for the interview? >> brian: give us 30 minutes of our life back. >> exactly. at the end of that, if you listen closely at the "60 minutes" interview, at the end it says, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: or said i'm barak obama and i just endorsed hillary clinton. >> joe biden meanwhile is in american samoa. >> gretchen: i don't know if we have time for the diet coke guy. maybe we can show his abs. he's going to come up in the tease, so pay attention. we'll cut back to your reaction. >> fantastic. that's doocy in the ad, right? dark hair. >> steve: actually it's my part-time. >> brian: we're having a problem with the tape. so chris chulo will take his shirt off (we'll see you next week.
5:15 am
>> steve: st ahead, the main stream media came down hard on phil mickleson for complaining about california's outrageous tax rates. so we wanted to know would he be better off moving his family out of state? that's coming up next. >> gretchen: the most famous guy you haven't met yet. there you go, laura. my exact sentiment. >> brian: what a cerebral take on that ad. >> gretchen: we're human obliga. obliga. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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5:18 am
i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. >> brian: many in the media came down hard on phil mickleson for complaining about california's outrageous tax rate. he's paying over 60% of everything he earns to the government! because of that, he apologized for opening his mouth. would he have been better off packing his bags and moving to texas, moving out of the golden state to florida? art laugh service here, an economist is here and he wants a
5:19 am
job advising him. >> i left 6 1/2 years ago and went to nashville, tennessee, and no act. >> brian: you wrote a book called eureka. >> it covers the how to fix california, which is not the way governor brown is doing it. >> brian: which is raising taxes and the people of california voted to do that. >> it's amazing what you can push off on people. half the world are idiots. the average guy is an idiot. in california it means half are below that. i don't know how they could possibly vote that in. you can't tax a state into prosperity. you just can't. governor brown has historically been good, but not now. >> brian: people that say, i don't make over a million dollars, let them pay more. it's okay to do that. >> they made it retroactive, too, which is incredible. they within back year and raised the taxes. then they did the sales tax as well. 25 basis points on that. there is no tax they won't go after. >> brian: phil mickleson got
5:20 am
some fray. tiger woods says that's why i left in 1996. >> he's smart fellow. i would have gone to nashville, but just teasing. but florida, it's great. california is draining. if you look at the outmigration from california and if you look at the in migration to california, there are many more people leaving than coming in. their average incomes are 50% higher. >> brian: which is crazy 'cause if you look at the weather and landscape, it should be a big magnet. but i like the new trend in this country among the states. look what kansas is doing. governor brownback is saying, let's get rid of the income tax. let's go to 0. let's get out of consumption. >> brownback is spectacular. one of the best people. i think he has presidential aspirations. he's running the place so beautifully. politically as well as economically. some brownback is probably the best governor in the u.s. >> brian: art laffer, always a great guest. your book is great. thank you so much for coming in. >> my pleasure.
5:21 am
>> brian: 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, should teachers at a christian school have to prove they go to church or is that a violation of their rights? we report. you decide. they'll later cut you off in the parking lot. then we've been talking about media bias all morning. our next guest wrote the book on it. what he found out is flat out stunning
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. >> brian: don't ask where i am. a christian cool suing two former teachers who refuse to
5:25 am
give proof of their faith. the california school now turning the tables and suing the teachers, saying they are protected by the first amendment. and the italian lawyer tossed in a slammer for stiff ago steakhouse is off the meat hook. he said good-bye to his debt, paying the 208-dollar tab in court. he said he forgot his wallet at home and couldn't pay his bill. my only regret is only one italian name in that. >> steve: brian, you're either in the control room or best buy with all those tvs. >> brian: don't ask. >> steve: thank you very much. many people who watched the president's interview sunday night on "60 minutes" were left wondering, since when do compliments count as questions? steve croft admitted the president keeps coming back to "60 minutes" because the show, quote, won't go out of its way to make him look bad. >> gretchen: it was a common complaint during the election with a majority of the negative coverage on mitt romney.
5:26 am
i guess we get the point, david, of what your book is about. is that how you sum it up? >> that is really one way of putting it. it's incredible with croft in particular with the footage they sat on at cbs news for so long after the controversy with candy crowley about benghazi. to see him talk about any specifically mentioned, because we edit things well. that's one reason obama likes to come badge it's amazing. >> steve: it looks like cbs has a dog in that race. then you look at john dickerson, political director last week giving advice that the president should anilate the republican party going forward. it's interesting, in your book issues you talk about how during the campaign, the media absolutely ignored the biggest story. >> well, many big stories. >> steve: because they weren't helpful to the president. >> exactly. journalists, my old boss, bob
5:27 am
novak, used to say a reporter is someone who would sell his soul for a story. it's when the story would make barak obama look bad or his presidency look like a failure, there is a total lack of journalistic curiousity, unwillingness to sell one's soul for a story. really big stories like benghazi became nonstories. editorial judgments were made to play these things down, to just set them aside, or you had a lot of the coverage of the job market that just didn't rise to the challenge of demonstrating how bad things were for people. we always hear about job when is there is a republican president. with obama, you have that going on super sized and instead of covering the fact that part-time work is replacing full time work, wages have have been going down not since the crisis, which with wasn't obama's fault burks since the recovery started, which is his recovery. >> steve: yeah. instead we got big bird and 47%. who cares? >> the war on women and
5:28 am
imaginary contraception ban that no one was advocating and nobody ever supported. but by bringing it up, george stephanopoulos made it a story. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is a pugh study said between october -- august and october showed how important the media coverage actual actually is. it showed when there were more positive stories about mitt romney, there was, actually, daughter particular time before the first debate, that his numbers went up in the polls. so it showed the influence that the media can actually have on the people. >> yes. and that debate performance in particular forced some positive stories about romney. but it's also interesting that you look at the period before they were forced to write something nice about him and because he had earned it essentially, you found that the coverage was about twice as positive for obama and about 63% more negative about romney than about obama. >> steve: i read a column you wrote fort new york post where
5:29 am
you quote tim grossclose, ucla professor who sakes without media bias, america would vote like texas or ken condition. taas fast -- kentucky. read the back, fascinating. david, we thank you very much for being here. >> thank you very much for having me. >> gretchen: there are two times in history we left men on the battlefield. mogadishu and benghazi. what does this say about the country's leadership? you're about to hear from a survivor of the battle of mogadishu and his perspective is like nothing you've ever heard. >> steve: the president says if he had a son, he's not sure he would let him play football. former nfl runningback and super bowl champion jerome bennett is here. music: "make someone happy"
5:30 am
music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪'s so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
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5:34 am
>> steve: and ecto platform. >> brian: i did not know anything about this foam problem. >> steve: it has to do with the weather. >> gretchen: maybe maria molina has studied that. good morning. >> good morning. that's right. i'm actually out here with jerome bettis. he's won the super bowl before. we have the super bowl coming up this weekend. tell us who are you rooting for? >> i'm actually rooting for the raves. i want ray lewis to go out in style. >> that was one of your nemesis, right? >> yes, it was. so it's surprising i'm rooting for them. usually i hate the ravens, but on this particular situation, i want ray lewis to go out in style. so i'll bend the rules a little bit. >> that's great. we want to look at the weather and i understand you're going to help me out doing the forecast. if you can give us a quick look at today's high temperatures. >> today's high temperatures, in the 45-degree area.
5:35 am
really good for this time of the year. >> yes, very mild. not too bad w. don't even need gloves. in texas, it's so warm, in the 80s for san antonio as we head into this afternoon. with high temperature in dallas? >> the high temperature in dallas is 74 degrees. >> very warm. unfortunately, that warm air is going to be producing issues with severe weather out there from texas, into indiana. we want everyone to stay alert out there. if you get any tornado warnings, seek shelter immediately, right? >> yes. get out of the way. >> take the risk very seriously for today. we want to thank you so much for hang out with us and spending your morning with us. >> thank you. >> it's an honor. you have achieved so much on the field and off the field. can you drive stick shift? >> i can, but i'm not that good. >> well, gretchen needs some help. maybe you guys can meet up later and figure that out. >> gretchen: maria, thanks for bringing that up again. i really appreciate it. >> brian: you were discussing the weather before. i'm wondering, has it ever been
5:36 am
so cold you told the coach you don't want to play? >> no, because at that point they would tell me they're not paying me and that wasn't part of the deal. >> brian: fine. >> gretchen: he will head on back inside. maria, thanks very much for the weather update. >> brian: i've never been blown off so quick in my life. he just does the weather. i lost. >> steve: earlier on the program, we were talking about some of the similarities between what happened to our brave americans in benghazi with what happened to brave americans in mogadishu back in the '90s. and a fellow named howard watson who was there, and a member of the seal team 6 team was on our program where he talked about the similarities, but also ultimately, and this is what we all want to know, how do you defeat terrorism? listen to this. >> here is something you won't hear on the main stream media. here is how you defeat terrorism, america. you take a hard stance on it.
5:37 am
if you're not killed by americans, you will be brought here not given three hot and a cot. not given an attorney. not allowed to lawyer up. you'll be brought here and somebody like me will water board you. and i'm going to get the information and i'm gog defeat you at your grassroots so you can't recruit because it's less appealing to the people being recruited if they know they got somebody like me that's waiting for them when they get to america. otherwise they're going to be recuperated because you got a president saying we need to retake our moral high ground. here is what i say. two to the body, one to the head and if you survive, we're going to torture you, i'm sorry, and have to interrogate you until we get our answers. that's how you defeat terrorism. >> brian: hopefully khalid sheikh mohammed got that message. evidently he didn't because he has been lawyered up. it cost glial ons of dollars to get him and his cohort has trial and yesterday they gave us the silent treatment which delayed the trial even more. >> steve: his book is called "seem team 6 memoirs of an elite
5:38 am
navy seal sniper." >> gretchen: reminds me of "zero dark thirty" which i saw overt weekend. quite an intense movie, if you haven't seen it, it's worth it. now the story making headlines, the obama administration raising the white flag on closing guantanamo bay. speaking of khalid sheikh mohammed. with little fanfare action they reassigned the diplomat in charge of overseeing that shut down because it's not going to hatch. there appears to be no plan to replace that position. in 2009, president obama, one of his first vows was close gitmo and transfer prisoners to the united states. but they are still there. brian? >> brian: 911 call just leased from a plane crash in the hudson river. >> we're on the plane. the plane is taking on water. >> is it possible for you to get out? >> we can get out if we have to. >> i need to you get out. >> get out, get out!
5:39 am
>> brian: that passenger, the pilot were rescued after 30 minutes. steve? >> steve: a new relation reveals an obama company is opening a plant. duke energy building a wind power plant in texas. the daily caller says that's a little too close for comfort. >> duke energy, a company you'll remember that lent $10 million to the democratic party for its convention this summer in charlotte and whose ceo has expressed interest in become the obama administration's energy secretary, in other words, a company with close ties to the obama administration. >> steve: chief powers says it was forced to abandon plans for the coal plant because of the epa's tough regulations. it would have created 3900 jobs. >> gretchen: he's about to become the most famous man on the planet. ♪ i want to do it ♪ wash your clothes
5:40 am
♪ . >> gretchen: the new diet coke hunk just revealed. andrew cooper, he's a british model. the 32-year-old has to strip off his shirt after being soaked with diet coke. can't even speak right now. much to the delight of a group of women watching nearby. joining us live for reaction. >> brian: for his reaction about that man's body, which is similar to yours, jerome benefit jet. have your abs ever looked like that? >> not quite. maybe when i was about three. [ laughter ] >> brian: you don't have abs like that and be called the bus. >> absolutely. >> brian: the president of the united states made some headlines when he said in a print story that if i had a son, i'd have to think twice before they would play football. troy aikman said the same thing, and kurt warner. what about you? >> i definitely agree with that. >> brian: really? >> i have a son of the i have to really look at everything that's going on right now. i know the commissioner is doing a great job in terms of trying to take away some of the violence from the game.
5:41 am
as a parent, i want to make sure that my son will be okay. and as long as they make these necessary strides in terms of the technology of the helmets and things of that nature, then i'll be more open to it. but right now i'm concerned. >> how are you? >> i'm okay. i'm fine. but that's right now. we'll see 20 years later. >> gretchen: i'm with you because i have a seven-year-old son and he really, really wants to play football, but playing flag football right number -- now which is a little more safe. then it's a huge decision for parents down the road. >> i just think a young kid is a little bit too early. i think more like ten, 11, 12, when you want to consider football. i didn't play 'til high school, 14. i don't think you have to play that early. >> steve: did you hear there is a big game this weekend? >> i did hear something about that. >> steve: who do you like? >> brian: you said you liked the ravens? >> i like the ravens. >> brian: ray lewis hits how hard? >> he hits hard. he's a lot bigger than he was when i played.
5:42 am
i was always bigger than him when we played. so it was a little different situation. but he's a very, very physical hitter. he's intimidating as well. >> gretchen: 'cause high pressure you would not have been rooting for him. >> usually i wouldn't. i don't really like the ravens that much. >> brian: 'cause you played them every year twice. >> absolutely. but i respect ray so much that i would love to see him finish out. >> brian: he's known as a team on offense. the ravens are known more for offense. >> that's the transition they needed to get to this level. it's hard to win with only defense. you win championships with defense, but you have to have a good offense. >> gretchen: let's move on to talking about the fact that you'll be down in new orleans. they have a lot of shell fish and seafood there and you have a problem with that and you want to talk about it. >> i'm allergic to shell fish and with that being said, i've got an incredible new product called the oviq and first and
5:43 am
only compact auto injector that actually talks to you. it has visual and audio aid. when you pull it. >> if you are ready to use, pull on red guard. >> then you pull it off. >> place black end against outer thigh. then press firmly and hold in place. >> you would do this. this is a tester. >> three, two, one. injection complete. >> it actually talks you all the way through the process. this is a tester. but asks what you would happen of the you talk your way through it. you give it to yourself and then you go like this. >> gretchen: you have the kind of shock symptoms that you have where you can actually die. >> yes. it's severe, allergic reaction. coupled with the fact that i have asthma, it makes it really difficult. it's a life-threatening situation for me. >> steve: it's brilliant because
5:44 am
if you get panicked, what do i do? >> exactly. >> steve: this tells you. >> it tells what you to do and the best thing about it, put it in your pocket, you got it. >> brian: where do we find out more? >> >> brian: we'll have that on our web site. by the way, the good news four, i know it's a relief when you played and won the super bowl, i'll be down there. i'm going t. i'm on my way thursday. what was that like for the steeler team knowing we'd be covering it there live? >> that was great. your insight is always tremendous. >> brian: you liar. nfl experience is where we'll be. i hope we'll see you down there. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president calling out fox news. why? is bothered by the network? peter johnson, jr. has a theory. that's next. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
>> steve: after he went after the second amendment and gun, now the president unhappy with freedom of speech, going after the first amendment. openly criticizing fox news channel and rush lienal because saying, quote, one of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. if a republican member of congress is not punished on fox news or by rush limbaugh for working with the democrat on a bill of common interest, then you're going to see more of them doing it. here to comment, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. what's the president doing there? >> the imperial presidency playbook is opened and they're in the middle of the book at this point. so as you say, the second amendment is in doubt and now the first amendment is seriously in doubt when a president says, i need to embrace those people
5:49 am
who embrace me. i need to embrace msnbc because they know how to do compromise and because they will take my talking points in the morning and throughout the day. i need to embrace those people who believe in my ideology. i need to embrace everything that rejects the first amendment. i need to embrace a philosophy that says if you object or question or seek debate, that that's bad. then you are an enemy of the state. this is a tough, tough situation. the president trashed republicans big time. they don't know how to compromise. they don't know how to seek out their inner selves and reach out in a truthful way to the american people, that one left leading outfit does. fox doesn't. so rush limbaugh and fox become the targets for a progressive america. and at the same time, the president will get up and give a speech and say, i'm for the first amendment.
5:50 am
>> steve: sure, that's what he'd say. of course, the president's got all the democrats. he's got the entire main stream media. he's even got some scared republicans in his camp. so without fox news and rush, it just seems like he'd have everybody on his side. rush limbaugh responded to the president's attack yesterday. we want to play 20 seconds of that. >> the president is targeting me now and fox news. the only remaining media opposition, apparently. folks, the president probable lea trying to go ahead me into saying something extreme, like that would ever happen. >> fox news stance, the job of fox news is go after policy and politicians in a constructive way. fox news has the best reporters in america and the best
5:51 am
commentators and thinkers in america. if that upsets the president of the united states, or the democratic leadership, then so be it. that is the bulwark of our democracy. ask thomas jefferson. look at our history. without a free precious there is not a free -- free press, there is not a free america. without a free fox, there is not a free america. people can love us, hate us, watch us or not. but fox is doing its job. fair and balanced means something, especially in the media that's in the tank across the board. and the president does not like that. >> steve: there is a reason we're number one. all right. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. straight ahead, he's done some crazy stuff before, but now nick we linda is about to walk a tight rope over a florida highway with no safety net. why? we're going to talk to him live. first, let's check in with another guy who operates with no net. that would be bill hemmer. >> every day. nice see you. good morning.
5:52 am
senator marco rubio is out with his immigration plan. will the president fire a torpedo right through it? we'll talk to the senator live this morning today. what is the state department doing to free an american pastor? the answer here might surprise you. did you see that question that was posed to new york's mayor on gun control? we'll play that for you when martha and i see you in ten north minutes away on "america's newsroom" [ man ] i've been out there most of my life. you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪
5:53 am
with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) make mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love.
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5:55 am
>> brian: we told but al gore selling his tv network to al-jazeera, the mouth piece for terrorists. moments ago the former vice president defended his decision. >> i certainly understand that criticism. i disagree with it because i think al-jazeera has obviously long since established itself as a really distinguished and
5:56 am
effective news gathering organization. >> brian: interesting description of al-jazeera. gore says he thinks rich people should pay their fair share. so current t -- sold current tv to avoid paying millions of tv. does that seem fair? we'll discuss that another time. meanwhile. >> gretchen: thanks. in a few hours, it won't be a bird or plane, it will be a daredevil. nick wallenda, he's walking across a highway in florida without a safety harness or net. we want to do know why. so we scrambled nick before he goes up. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> gretchen: fantastic. how did you choose sarasota and highway 41? >> it's my hometown of the i was born and raised here and it's a place i love. i wanted to do something to give back to this community who has been so great to me. soy decided to approach the state and see if they would allow me to shut down our highway that goes through our town, highway 41. i'll be starting from that crane on the other side of 41, which
5:57 am
goes up about 200 feet. i'll ride up in that basket, get off and make my way across this cable, which is about 500 feet long. then over on this side at the marina tower, again, 200 feet above the road. >> gretchen: many people are asking, who don't do this for a living. why, nick? why? >> that's an easy question. my family has been doing this for seven generations in 200 years. taas our passion. my great grandfather, carl, stead best when he said, life is on the wire and everything else is just waiting. for us and our family, that's very true. >> gretchen: you'll be trying this in a couple of hours from now. i think two hours from now. 11:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll be covering it here live on the fox news channel. nick, best of luck to you. we'll all be watching. thanks so much for your time. >> thanks so much. always good to be on. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
5:58 am
just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. because the portions were much larger. and i just felt like i needed to eat it all because it was so yummy. weight watchers online worked for me because it lets me live my life. i can still go out with my friends. i can still enjoy my favorite foods and drinks. it's just a smarter way of eating. i lost 40 lbs. wow it's amazing. my most favorite part of my new body is my bottom. [ laughs ] [ hudson ] weight watchers online. the power of weight watchers completely online. join for free today.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY America 29, Us 22, Gretchen 13, Benghazi 11, California 11, Dallas 9, Campbell 8, Mogadishu 8, Clinton 7, Tennessee 7, Florida 7, Steve Croft 6, New York 6, United States 6, Obama Administration 5, Obama 5, Steve Kroft 5, David Brock 5, Marco Rubio 5, Tyler 5
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